teastained Lil

where shopping is back in fashion

teastained Lil is an inspired fashion boutique and shopping experience. On a mission to put shopping back in fashion, we believe shopping should be fun and not only filled with bags of clothes but bags of personality. teastained Lil, therefore, offers stylish threads in both our virtual wardrobe and our pop-up shopping experiences, bespoke style services and you can follow Lil's escapades in our Life-according-to-Lil blog.

Launched in 2012, teastained Lil has built up a robust following and boasts an illustrious resume of retail accolades, having been awarded through the government's pop-up Britain Scheme and a shortlisted winner of the Boxpark pop-up competition. Our quirky pop-ups have 'popped up' across London in Shoreditch, Camden, the King's Road and Piccadilly; it was in this particular location that the Mail Online, in conjunction with London Fashion Week, called teastained Lil 'one of Britain't best pop-ups - think fun and inspired shopping!'

Our stylish revolution is ever growing and is committed to serving women as best we can.

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