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Okay, so the trees look a little skeletal and you’ve trodden on what seems like a thousand conkers, but there’s still some style inspiration out there, promise! It’s winter florals that we turn to this season, blending all those wonderful dark hues with a touch of delicate femininity. Think stark, deep-coloured prints, carefree (forgiving) shapes and just the right amount of glamorous coverage! So just as the red-coloured, sleigh-shaped Christmas juggernaut awakens, as does your winter floral inspiration - style is very much still in bloom. 




A play-it-safe tunic offering you the perfect fringe of pattern but enough of a black canvas to add some great accessories. Some decent derriere coverage, if you so require or prefer, and perfect to sit over jeans, leggings or leather trousers, if you're that way inclined. Have fun with one! Have a closer look here...

Shirt model.jpg

Miss Shirty

There are too many rhetorical questions for how great this shirt is! Get a good deodrant and hope you don't have to chuck in the wash too much as this will be your winter lifeline this season. Paired with jeans, a leather pencil or leggings with sheen, if you're feeling brave. Just make sure you're hailing as many taxis as possible to show off these gorgeous bell sleeves. Check it out here...

It is important to show that despite the fact the coming season invariably makes us want to shrivel up into a slightly fatter, less stylish self covered in a blanket of Quality Street wrappers, there is still life after the quickening dusk - stay in bloom with all of our winter floral pick-me-ups...and a few Quality Streets...obvs!
— teastained Lil