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Those shoes weren't always red, you know? So when the Wizard of Oz was magic-wanded into colour, those clever ol' Hollywood honchos realised that Dorothy needed to pack a sartorial, and colourful, punch so a last-minute decision meant that her then silver shoes would be changed to red. Well, there you go, you learn something new every day.

And they were on to something; life in colour is, well, more colourful...it's the difference between a bacon sandwich with no ketchup to one with; colour kind of makes you that ‘I'm here' sticker on your personal map! Here's our best picks of ‘the red shoe' moment, enjoy...


New In.jpg

Sundae Sue

Sometimes you need an outfit to do the talking and if this could talk, it would say one of the following: Picnic? Al fresco cocktail? Champagne brunch? Twirling around on green hilltops, anyone? Here's a dress that epitomises all that the delightful sunshine and summer season brings us - indulge a colour on each wear: coral flats, mustard saddle bag, navy wedges - the choice is yours...



Playing it safe doesn't have to be in the form of an LBD. Play it safe in this gorgeous Coraline dress. A gentle pop of colour that will suit your sitting-in-the-park-at-lunch-time tan ready for that wedding invite or - perhaps with a navy blazer - for that ‘oh, it's just smart-cas' daytime ‘thing' you've got.

Remember when you were asked which part of the Neopolitan ice cream you wanted and you thought: errr, all of them. Colour can have a profound effect on us all - so whether you want a bold choice, a serene choice, a bright choice or a subtle choice, live life in colour...
— teastained Lil