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So someone switched on the big light in the sky and sent out the memo that we can all awaken from our dark-coloured, winter hibernation: yes, spring has sprung! Which means there's some serious floral trending right now. Whether you're looking to attract sartorial adulation, a mate, some green eye or an actual bee (hey, we don't judge!), here's our selection of on-trend floral lovelies...

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Floaty sleeves and dreamy florals say you're all about fun! Go as carefree as this dress wants you to and keep your hair loose and your accessories simple.  So delightful is this floral tribute, we can't promise you won't have a few bee admirers!


Miss Tropical

When you think of florals, sartorially speaking, you think of prints. Awesome, beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints. And the best thing about them is that you don't have to bother with any other ‘decor', so to speak - it's all there is one eye-popping tunic! See our lovely Miss Tropical tunic here...

Our floral tributes...

So like when the Ryans* are both in separate films showing at the same time, don’t complicate matters, just pick one - it’s the same with your floral prints: choose one! Keep the rest simple - we’re thinking jeans, white tees and a tan satchel. Bloomin’ lovely! *Gosling vs Reynolds (now there’s a thought...)
— teastained Lil